Universität Konstanz

University of Konstanz


Established in 1966 the University of Konstanz is a modern campus based university with an outstanding reputation both in Germany and abroad. Konstanz is one of the few "campus universities" in Germany with all facilities located on spacious and beautiful grounds.

The University of Konstanz has approximately 10.000 students enrolled in 13 departments:

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Department of Computer and Information Science

Department of Physics

Department of Chemistry

Department of Biology

Department of Psychology

Department of Philosophy

Department of History and Sociology (with Sports and Educational Science)

Department of Literature

Department of Linguistics

Department of Law

Department of Economics

Department of Politics and Management

The University is located in Konstanz, a city of 78 000 inhabitants which lies on the southern border of Germany. The city is picturesquely situated on Lake Constance, the largest lake in Europe, which borders both Switzerland and Austria.

International office homepage (in German)      http://www.uni-konstanz.de/international

Information for exchange students     http://www.uni-konstanz.de/international/index.php?cont=english&lang=de

German language course information     http://www.uni-konstanz.de/ZE/SLI/index.php?lang=en

Courses offered in English



International Economic Relations     http://www.international-economics.uni-konstanz.de/

Biomedical Drug Research     http://www.uni-konstanz.de/FuF/Bio/Bioinformatik/gk2001/eng/allg.php

Soft Condensed Matter (European Graduate College of Physics)     http://hera.physik.uni-konstanz.de/IGK/start.htm