Tips when looking at the universities' websites

Before going any further, here are a number of tips to help you on your way

Tip 1 Help! The Website is in German.

When searching the department and institute websites, you may discover that the website is only available in German (if it is available in English you should see a small English or American flag to click on) . To find out what courses are being offered in a particular semester, look out for links to “Veranstaltung”, “Verzeichnis” or “Lehrangebote”. WS stands for winter semester, which runs from October to February, and SS stands for summer semester, which runs from April to August.

Tip 2 English and American Studies

The English and American studies departments of the Baden-Württemberg for the most part teach in English. Even if your major or sub-major is not English or American Studies, you might wish to take one or two of these subjects and use them as electives. It is a great opportunity to see your culture and language viewed from another perspective.

Tip 3 International Offices

The websites of the individual universities’ international offices are an important source of information. Links to their international office homepages are listed below along with the details of the universities.

Tip 4 What is LLP/Erasmus?

You will often find references on the universities’ websites to “Erasmus” and “LLP”. These are student mobility programs for European students. Even if you do not qualify for the Erasmus or LLP programs, you may still find the information listed under these links useful.

Tip 5 Your Home University’s Exchange Office

Talk to the exchange office at your home university. Exchange students can only apply through their home universities' exchange office. Your home university exchange office will also be able to provide you with information on the universities of Baden-Württemberg. You might even be able to meet Baden-Württemberg exchange students studying at your university or past-exchange students who have been to Baden-Württemberg.

Tip 6 Planning Ahead

Plan Ahead! It takes time to organise a semester or year overseas. If possible, take some German lessons before you come to Germany. Even knowing only a few basic phrases will help you feel at home and impress your hosts. While most Germans know at least some English, the key to any culture is its language.