Formalities during and at the end of your studies

Application formalities

For information on the application procedure, please refer to our page for international applicants.

Formalities during your studies

Re-Registration (Rückmeldung)

You are required to re-register at the university before the start of each semester. This is done by transferring the Semesterbeitrag.The bank details can be found in your C@MPUS account.  Pay attention to the re-registration deadline (Rückmeldefrist). It is January 15 –February 15 for the following summer semester and July 15 –August 15 for the following winter semester. 

Change of address

If you change your address during your stay it is your duty to inform the following institutions (this also applies if you are staying in the same city or even in the same dormitory):

  • Residents' Registration Office (Rathaus/Bürgerbüro): Fill in the form "Ummeldung"
  • Admissions Office (Studiensekretariat für ausländische Studierende): Adress and contact details can be changed in the C@MPUS.
  • Office of International Affairs (IA): Write an e-mail to
  • Health insurance company
  • Bank
  • Your telephone company
  • Any other relevant institution/person that needs to know about your departure 

Formalities at the end of your studies 


At the end of your studies, your enrolment as a student at the University of Stuttgart ends. For exmatriculation you need the form Exmatrikulationsformular available at the Office of Admissions (Studiensekretariat für AusländerInnen und EU-BürgerInnen) or on the internet at (in German). Please get the form stamped with a so-called Entlastungsstempel:

  • at the university library and
  • at the Office of International Affairs.

Please hand in the form to the Admissions Office (Studiensekretariat für AusländerInnen und EU-BürgerInnen). After that, you will be able to download your exmatricumation form on C@MPUS. On request, the certificate of exmatriculation (Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung) can be sent to you by postal mail to the address which you have indicated on C@MPUS or in the Exmatrikulationsformular. About three weeks after you have handed in the form, you will receive the hardcopy. 

ALUMNI Network of the University of Stuttgart

Should you wish to keep in touch with the University of Stuttgart, please feel free to become a member of the Alumni network. 

Cancellation of the registration at the Bürgerbüro/Einwohnermeldeamt

Before you leave Stuttgart you have to deregister at the Bürgerbüro/Einwohnermeldeamt with the green cancellation form (Abmeldung) which is available at the Bürgerbüro or at the Office of International Affairs.

Cancellation of health insurance

As a rule it is only possible to cancel your health insurance at the end of a semester. After submitting the de-registration form Exmatrikulationsformular to the university, your health insurance company will automatically be informed by the university of your de-registration, and your insurance contract will end then.

Cancellation of bank account

Before you leave Stuttgart you should cancel your bank account. Please go to the bank in person and return your bank cards. In exceptional cases (if you are still awaiting money transfers to your account) the account can also be cancelled by e-mail.

Moving out of the dormitory 

Deposit reimbursement

When you move out of the dormitory, the dormitory deposit of EUR 400 can be refunded. You need a form (Laufzettel) from the janitor which confirms you handed over your room in an acceptable condition. The deposit will be transferred to your bank account. Students without bank account in Germany, the European Union or in the countries of Iceland, Norway and Switzerland can collect the deposit directly from the Studentenwerk Stuttgart. Prerequisite: a receipt of the bank in Germany confirming that you have already closed your bank account. Please call the person in charge for your dormitory at the Studentenwerk Stuttgart and make an appointment for the reimbursement of your deposit.

De-registration of "Rundfunkbeitrag"

If you change or quit your residence in Germany, you need to change your account or de-register your Rundfunkbeitrag to avoid further payments.
In case of changes use the form “Ändern” (change).

To de-register use the form “Abmeldung” (de-register).