Calling to Germany from abroad

To call a German number from abroad, dial "+49" (call prefix for Germany), the area code without the first "0" and then finally the number of the call reciever.

  • "+" stands for "00" If you like to to call the Office of International Affairs from abroad, for example, you would have to dial +49-711-685-68599 or 0049-711-685-68599
  • If you like to call somebody abroad from Germany dial "+" (or "00"), the area code without the first "0" and then finally the phone number of the call reciever
  • 49 is the call prefix for Germany. A list of internatinal call prefixes you can find here: List of international call prefixes

Phoning in Germany and in Stuttgart

If you are phoning to a landline phone within Germany, add a 0 to the local city code, e. g. for Stuttgart 0711 and then the phone number. If you are dialling a number in Stuttgart from within Stuttgart you do not need to dial the local area code.

Mobile phones, landline phones and telephone booths

For mobile phones, there are various contracts or pay-as-you-go offers which you can choose from. Prepaid packages are available for around 10 EUR in phone company stores as well as in many supermarkets.

You can also have your own telephone installed in your dormitory room. If you do not have a laptop and internet access for phoning, we recommend that you buy a telephone yourself at the cost of about 25 EUR depending on the model chosen.

The Telekom charges around 20 EUR per month for the connection. This is in addition to the charges for the individual calls. Other companies offer similar services at comparable prices. For more information, see

To phone from a public telephone booth you will need at least 0.20 EUR for a local call in cash. But nowadays most public telephones do only accept pre-paid telephone cards. They are available at e. g. stores of Deutsche Telekom (at most with credit of 5 or 10 EUR).


At the university

The computing centre of the university (RUS) provides a number of computer terminals for student use. Prior to using the computers, an account must be created at the computer advising centre (Benutzerberatung). Wireless LAN access through eduroam is also available using the RUS account.

In the dormitory

Internet access in the dormitories is provided by Selfnet e.V. and WH-Netz. A list of supported dormitories can be found on Internet in dormitories supplied by WH-Netz is already included in the rent. Selfnet charges 7 EUR per month for the internet connection.
For further information, please contact Selfnet or WH-Netz.

In a private accommodation

Commercial Providers offer flatrate internet access for around 20–30 EUR per month, often combined with a phone connection.