The University of Stuttgart Module 1 costs are as follows: 



Course fee                                                                                550.- EUR

Accomodation homestay                                                           650.- EUR

Sum                                                                                       1200.- EUR


The course fee includes the following:

  •  Housing during the Winter University
  • Unlimited public transportation (bus, subway, underground) within the greater Stuttgart area
  • Excursions (bus, train, lunch, guided tours, entrance fees; except a 15/20 EUR registration fee
    and spending money)
  • Program administrative costs


Not included

  • Tuition from your own university
  • A fee your own university might need to charge to cover their costs
  • Transportation to Stuttgart
  • Transportation to the university before registration
  • Breakfast (except for students in host families)
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Medical/accident insurance
  • German class textbooks
  • Personal expenses