Frequently asked questions (FAQ)



Questions regarding arrival

When do I have to arrive?
  • In case of an earlier arrival:
    Haußmannstr. 27
    70188 Stuttgart
    Tel. +49 711 241583
  • In case of an earlier arrival:
    Hospitalstr. 26
    70174 Stuttgart
    Tel. +49 711 293339
  • In case of an earlier arrival:
    Heusteigstr. 66
    70180 Stuttgart
    Tel. +49 711 649510
  • In case of an earlier arrival:
    Wohnheim Eglosheim
    Eduard-Spranger-Str. 7
    71637 Ludwigsburg
    Tel. +49 7583 1340
  • In case of an earlier arrival:
    Verein f. Internationale Jugendarbeit e. V.
    Moserstr. 10
    70182 Stuttgart
    Tel. +49 711 239410

Your room is available for you only during the time of the Summer Language Course, from 08/03/2015 to 08/28/2015. If you are planning an earlier arrival or a later departure, you have to find your own accomodation. You can not live in your room before 08/03/2015 and after 08/28/2015. Please understand that we only have the rooms at our disposal for the duration of the summer course. You cannot occupy the rooms before or after the summer course.

How can I get from the Stuttgart Airport or the Main Station to the Campus of the University of Stuttgart?
You can take an S-Bahn S3 destination Backnang and an S-Bahn S2 destination Schorndorf (track 2) from the Stuttgart Airport or S-Bahn S1 destination Herrenberg, S2 destination Filderstadt and S3 destination Flughafen/Messe from the Main station to the Campus of the University of Stuttgart (Stuttgart-Vaihingen). Please disembark at the station “Universität”. The International Office Center (IZ) is only a few minutes’ walk away. Follow the signs posted. We await you there. Click on the button to go to the electronic schedule information of VVS.

The employees of VVS are available for further questions you may have:
Tel.: 0711 19449
Contact hours: Mo.-Fr. 8:00 am - 05:30 pm

How can I get to Stuttgart from another German city?
Click on the button to go to the website of Deutsche Bahn.

Questions to the dorms

How long does it take from the Campus to the University?
Lessons do not take place on Campus Vaihingen. To get to the Böblinger Straße 78E, you need to travel with public transportation. On tuesday, 08/04/2015 you will take an example ride after the campus tour with our helping students.
How do I get in my room?
On the day of arrival, you will receive the keys for your room after paying a deposit of 200 EUR. A student staff member will bring you to your room and also help you out with the formalities when moving in.
Is there a possibility to cook in the dormitory?
Every room has access to a shared kitchen, which is regularly used by 8-12 rooms. You have to clean your own mess after you have used the kitchen.
Can I live with my girlfriend/boyfriend in a room?
Rooms on Campus Vaihingen are single rooms, so you cannot live with a partner in your room.


Questions to the costs

How much does the Summer Language Course cost?
  • Standard-Package: 660,- €


  • Welcome dinner
  • Online placement test
  • Guided city tour
  • Funny Olympic games to get to know each other
  • German classes
  • Conversation tutorials and workshops in the afternoons
  • Framework programme activities
  • Internet access in the University computer pool
  • Final exam / Certificate
  • Farewell party
  • "All Inclusive"-Package: 970,- €

"All Inclusive"-Package

  • Housing costs (a dorm room)
  • Bed sheets and blankets
  • professional cleaning of your room before your arrival
  • Unlimited public transportation (bus, subway, underground) within the Stuttgart area
  • Internet access
What is not included in the fee?
  • The deposit of your room is
  • 200,- € and it is completely refundable. It will be held until your departure to ensure that you leave your room tidy and in good standing.
  • Food&drinks (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and personal expenses
  • Trips and excursions (registration fee 10 EUR)
  • Transportation to Stuttgart
  • Costs in case of an earlier arrival
  • a fee your own university might need to charge to cover their costs
  • German class textbooks (approx. 25 €)
  • Personal expenses

Questions to the scholarship

Does the University of Stuttgart offer some scholarships for the Summer Language Course?
The University of Stuttgart and the summer school management do not grant any scholarships. Please contact the DAAD for scholarships.

Questions to the excursions

Can I take friends along on the weekend excursions?

Sorry, that won’t be possible. The weekend excursions are sponsored by the University of Stuttgart. If you booked the excursions through a travel agency it would cost you a lot more. That’s why the excursions are for participants only.

Are there any additional costs for the excursions?
  • Excursions: 10,- € including transportation, lunch, guided tours and entrance fees.

There is a 10 € registration fee for each all-day excursion. The excursions usually include transportation, lunch, guided tours and entrance fees. You can book the excursions by the registration. Booking after your arrival is for organisational reasons limited.




Questions to living in Stuttgart

Is it allowed to drink alcohol in Germany?
The drinking age in Germany for the lighter alcoholic beverages (beer and wine) is 16, for the heavier beverages (spirits, liquors, everything above 12.5% Alcohol) is 18. Since you are older than 18 – and therefore an adult in Germany – we cannot keep you from drinking. It is naturally, that during your stay in Stuttgart you want to explore the city’s night life and enjoy the good German beer and wine. Please remember that you are here not only as a tourist but mostly as a student representative of your university. Therefore, do be careful with how much you drink and do not let it interfere with your studies.
How is the food in Germany?
German food is based mainly on a lot on meat (mostly beef, pork and chicken), carbohydrates (pasta, potatoes) and vegetables (mostly salads and green vegetables like broccoli and zucchini). However, Stuttgart is an multicultural city and therefore you can taste dishes from all over the world. There is still something for every taste.
How do I move around Stuttgart?
During your stay you will be provided with a public transportation pass from the Stuttgart bus and train system which allows you to travel freely in and around Stuttgart at any time. Your classrooms will be right next to a subway. In Stuttgart and Germany you don’t really need your driver’s license. The public transportation system is very good and has fair prices whereas rental cars are very expensive.
What about money and banking?
If you have a debit card with a Visa or Master card symbol, you should be able to use it at ATMs in most European countries. If you have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that is more than 4-digits, make sure to call your bank and have it changed to a 4-digit PIN (here, only 4-digit PINs are used). Also, contact your bank to ask about associated fees for withdrawing money from a bank outside your branch. A major credit card can be helpful in case of an emergency or to draw emergency cash advances. VISA and MASTER seem to be the most widely accepted credit cards, but other major credit cards are accepted as well. Note: Although more and more stores – especially department stores – accept credit cards, many grocery stores and smaller shops do not. Therefore, always have some cash on you. Banks in Stuttgart: e.g. BW Bank, Volksbank Stuttgart, Dresdner Bank. Banks in Germany: e.g. Volksbank, Dresdner Bank, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank. We would recommend you bring about 200 EUR with you to have some money to get started. Make sure that you have small bills for buying the first ticket for public transport. By the way: The currency in Germany is the Euro or €. The Euro is also the currency in other European countries like Italy, France or Austria which makes traveling very easy within Europe..
How do I call home?
If you or your family and friends want to call Stuttgart use the following system:
0049 711 xxxxxx -> 00 = dialing code for a foreign country
49 = area code for Germany
711 = local dialing code (here: Stuttgart)
xxxxxxx = phone number (in Stuttgart 6-8 digits).
Which mobile phone providers are in Germany?
There are four providers in Germany: Vodafone, T-Mobile, e-plus and O2. You can use their services here with your mobile phone from home if you have a mobile phone which works on GSM 1800 MHz and GSM 900 MHz, a so-called “tri-band cell phone”. Those providers have also cheap offers for usage here (pre-paid starting at 15 EUR for a phone including 5 EUR credit).
Can I go shopping everyday?
Germany’s stores and shops might have different opening hours from what you’re used to. Grocery stores are generally open Monday through Saturday 8 am – 8 pm. The large department stores in downtown Stuttgart are open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm. Smaller stores like butchers or bakeries mostly open at 7 am and close at 7 pm Monday through Friday and are open until 1 pm on Saturdays. Some might be closed on Wednesday afternoons. All stores and shops – except petrol stations – are closed on Sundays. If you are to arrive on a Sunday please make sure that you have what you need for the first day.

Questions regarding the health system

Do I need to contract a health insurance?
Yes, a valid health insurance will be absolutely mandatory while participating in the Summer Language Course. You will have to get health insurance on your own before leaving for Germany. If you have to visit a doctor here you’ll have to pay cash up front and will then get reimbursed by your health insurance at home. Please send us a copy of your health insurance together with your registration documents. Take into consideration: The University of Stuttgart does not contract any health insurance for you. There is a liability insurance in the registration fee, which is ensured by the University of Stuttgart for the whole duration of the Summer Language Course.
Should I bring my medication from home or can I get any prescription drug in Germany?
Ask your doctor whether any prescription drugs you take might be available abroad. If you take a large amount of prescription drugs, obtain a statement from your doctor explaining why they are needed as well as a copy of the prescription with the scientific name. Make sure all medications, including over the counter products, are carried in their original containers. For prescription drugs, make sure your name appears clearly on the label to avoid any difficulties when going through customs. Please do NOT mail any prescription drugs to Germany. Customs will not allow them to enter the country under any circumstances and will destroy them instead.

Questions to the classes

What exactly is the absence policy?
We have a very strict absence policy. Daily participation is absolutely mandatory in order to get a certificate for the class. You will be able to get a lot of ECTS credits during a very short period of time for the Summer Language Course. If you must miss a class, please inform your instructor and bring a medical note from a doctor in case you are ill. Please note that attendance, homework, daily preparation, and in-class participation are vital to your success in this course.
How will I find out what German class I will be participating in?
There will be a general language placement test on the first day. You will then be placed in a class accordingly.