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Our learning concept



We focus on the latest advances in learning research.

Through the use of new media (interactive whiteboards, internet projects, online-trainings u.a.) we provide an effective and interessting selection of lessons.


Kontakt zu deutschen Studierenden

The times of classes using only textbooks and excercise books are over! Through the use of music, games and creative excercises, our teachers can ensure that the classes are never boring.

Interesting afternoon activities in groups and tutorials complete the programme.



Speaking, listening, reading and writing is practiced in lifelike situations.

Through the contact to German students you will lose fear of speaking


Engagierte und erfahrene Lehrkräfte

The classes are held in small groups. Our dedicated and experienced teachers can thus encourage each student.



Extent of classes

The morning courses consist of 25 hours per week and offer you the possibility to improve your oral and written knowledge of German.


Topics as German geography, history,culture and current social issues will be discussed in the classes from the language level B1.

The participants will be introduced to the art of presentation, diagramatic description, reasoning and statement from the language level B2 onwards.

Online placement test

With the worldwide used online placement test onDaF we are able to determine your German knowledge and find together the best course for you.

The online placement test takes place on Tuesday, 4st August 2015. We ask you to be on time because your German proficiency level obtained from the test will decide upon which group you are placed in.

In your own interest, we aim to form groups in which people are the same level. On Wednesday, 5st August 2015, you can find the list with the classes in the entrance to the classrooms. Your performance in the online placement test from the beginning of the course will determine in which group you are placed.

Language levels

We offer no classes for the language level A1. The levels A2, B1, B2 and C1 are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Sorting according to language levels will take place after the online placement test.

The location of classrooms

Our classrooms are located in Böblinger Straße 78 E, 3st floor (station Erwin-Schoettle-Platz). Please keep in mind: The classes do not take place on the Campus Vaihingen.

Lesson times

The classes take place from Monday till Friday.

The start at 8:30 am in the classrooms in Böblinger Straße (not on the campus, aprox. 30 minutes travelling time).

The classes end at 1:00 pm.

It follows a lunchbreak of 1,5 hours. In that time you can go to the Mensa (student cafeteria) or to some cafeteria to eat something for lunch. In the afternoons you will continue working in small groups and tutorials.

Textbooks for the classes

The required textbooks will be determined on the first class day.

Absence policy

Please note that attendance, homework, daily preparation and in-class participation are required for your success in this course. We have a very strict absence policy.

You are permitted to be absent twice unexcused. In case that you are missing for the third time, we cannot issue a certificate of the course.
If you are ill and must miss a class, please inform your instructor and bring a medical note from a doctor. This does not apply as an unexcused absence.


A final exam takes place on the last day of your German class. It will be tested:

1. Reading comprehension
2. Listening comprehension
3. Grammar
4. Text production

The final grade is reported on the certificate. It is composed of:

  • the result of the midterm test (20%)
  • the result of the final exam (60%)
  • a grade for working in the class (20%).