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Stuttgart - the city of culture and innovation

Stuttgart, which is the state capital of Baden- Württemberg, has a population of about 600.000.

Stuttgart is the cultural centre of the State of Baden-Württemberg with a wealth of theatres and concert halls. It is also the home of the world-famous ballet and there are museums and art galleries as well as academies of music and art. At one of the music halls you can enjoy famous musicals like "Das Phantom der Oper" or "42nd Street". Since the nieneties of the last century Stuttgart has become the centre for German Hip Hop. Numerous discos and music clubs are spread all over the city.

Stuttgart is also one of the most important business locations and industrial centres in Germany. Many of Germany's renown companies like Mercedes-Benz and Bosch have factories here. In addition, there are numerous smaller companies involved in the production of machine tools, textiles and clothes, precision instrumtents, food and luxury items. There are also companies that specialize in woodworking, leather processing and making shoes or musical instruments as well as a number of large breweries. There is also a small paper and chemical industry.

A "green" city

Stuttgart is a "green" city. Beautifully situated in a valley. Forests, parks, vineyards and gardens cover more than half of the city area. Cafés, pubs and large pedestrian shopping malls invite you to take things easy in the historic city centre.

A lot of interesting places can easily be reached from Stuttgart.