Cross Cultural Mentoring

The Cross Cultural Mentoring Programme of the International Department was established in the summer semester 2012 to sustainably enhance the integration and study experience of international students at the University of Stuttgart.
Mentors and Mentees in the Summer Term 2014

Through this programme, students who are at least in their 3rd semester can become a mentor to an international student (mentee): for one semester, these mentoring-tandems meet whenever there’s a need but at least twice a month. The mentors show their mentees around the campus, explain the university admin-jungle, offer help with the organisation of their mentees’ studies and address subject-specific questions.
Besides this, the social aspect of the programme is also very important: the mentees get the chance to get to know Stuttgart, Germany and the German culture through their mentors and are so able to really feel at home in Stuttgart.
In addition, all participants of the programme have the chance to get to know each other by attending the programme’s regular events and meetings (Stammtische). The programme also offers subject-specific courses for the mentees and intercultural seminars for the mentors.


Goals of the Cross Cultural Mentoring Programme

  • Promotion of cross cultural exchange between international and German students.
  • A strengthening of the international students’ social integration and participation in academic life.
  • Improvement of the support and counselling service for full-time international students during their start at the University of Stuttgart.
  • Enhancement of the academic performance of international students who are in a critical phase of their studies.









The Cross Cultural Mentoring Programme of the International Department is part of QuaLIKISS, a project which aims to enhance the study experience. It is financed through public funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.